Our mental health nurses have attended compulsory 5-day Control and Restraint course, with a 2 day refresher after every 12 months, as part of our laid down policy.

A contract with DIVINECALL means having a ready-made team of health care professionals who are happy to meet your staffing challenges head-on. Our health care administrator oversees operations and maintains direct lines of communication with your facility, our staffing manager and associates. Just like your own employees, we hold our staff accountable for their attendance and work performance. This ensures that the nurse/carer will be clinically proficient, reliable and exceptionally professional.

DIVINECALL Nursing Agency gives quality service.

In addition to supplying Registered Nurses, we supply experienced general and mental health Support Workers/Care Assistants. We also supply Domestic workers (cleaners) and kitchen staff.

DIVINECALL provide professional, dedicated, reliable and trustworthy nursing services. Here for you day or night, providing your staff needs.

Caring is our passion.